Which Gin is your favourite?

What Gin is Your Favourite? Flavoured Gins

Our new range of Gin inspired coasters are available to purchase now!

A perfect gift for Gin lovers to add some flavour to any room.

Choose from six individual flavours from sweet strawberry to cool cucumber, or have them all as a fantastic set.

This new range of coasters explores a more illustrative and graphic side to Bobo & Bob. Each design shows the ingredients of the labelled Gin. With bright colours and detailed design, these coasters compliment the taste and scent of the UK’s favourite flavoured Gins.

This range represents three levels of translucency we can accomplish on our products. Each coaster has a tinted colour background, solid colour design and completely translucent Gin glass. These elements make the coasters individual, allowing them to look different on every surface.

But why has Gin become so popular in the UK?

After the launch of Sipsmith (a distillery in London) in 2009, this sparked the boom of Gin popularity in the UK. It has now taken over Vodka as the most popular spirit in Britain. Research has shown that the UK’s love affair with Gin is at an all time high, with Gin bars and events popping up all over. “Mother’s Ruin”, as the tipple was previously known, has proved so popular that a record 73m bottles of the drink were sold in 2018.

The craft spirit boom follows a surge in demand for locally made small scale beers and wines, as the hipster generation seeks drinks with a more interesting taste created by individuals rather than faceless international corporations. Supporting local businesses alongside the thirst for something new has propelled craft Gin forward. Bars and pubs are now stocking an array of Gins to meet the demands of the public. The popularity can also be due to Gin’s almost “guilt-free” nature. With a steady increase of fitness culture and awareness of health, people are looking for ways to drink healthier. A single measure of Gin (25ml) with diet mixer equals 54 calories, where a small bottle of Beer (330ml) equals 142 calories.

So, which Gin is your favourite?

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