Acrylic Side Tables

Acrylic Side Tables

Acrylic side tables make for a minimalist, simple solution for any room.

A smaller version of this acrylic table is also available, when bought together make a fabulous display area.

Tables are made from high quality 10mm acrylic. This increases the strength of the product.

Also, this product has a diamond polished edge, giving a high-end, smooth finish.

We also offer other acrylic furniture, such as a smaller acrylic table and an acrylic laptop table. All available in a range of colours, including white, clear and orange edge-lit. Explore these furniture products below

Acrylic Furniture is a fantastic way of adding some high-end, luxury products to your home or living space. Our Furniture is simplistic and modern, available in a range of fabulous colours. Including vibrant Edge Lit colours, which give an amazing bright edge effect. Also, tables are available in various sizes to suit your home. We have both small and large tables, these can be paired together. The pairing makes for a stunning display unit. Finally, we have lap tray tables, these designs are useful for working from home and studying. Available in white, clear and black, including handles on the sides. 

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