• Free Royal Mail 2nd class delivery is included with all orders over £10 to the U.K.
  • There is an option to upgrade to 1st class and express courier for an additional cost.
  • Postage times are from the date of dispatch, not the date the order is received.
  • All our items are cut to order and so may not be dispatched the same day.
  • We are not currently shipping internationally.
  • Yes, all our items are sent out with protective film on both sides, except Mirror colours which only have film on the front.
  • Certain items will only have film on one side, such as clocks. This is because they will either be printed, have adhesive tape on. On the other hand, they may have an attachment applied that requires the protective film to be removed from that side.
  • No, the socket and light switch surrounds only fit standard UK sockets and switches.
  • They do not work on pattress boxes, oven switches, or any non-standard sized UK sockets or switches.
  • The dimensions are included on the adverts so you can check if they will fit your sockets.

Designed to be fitted without having to disconnect sockets or switches by trapping the surround between the fascia plate and the wall there is no need for adhesive backing or tapes. Meaning they can be easily removed when decorating or changed to match new colour schemes.

How To Fit:

  1. First peel the protective film off the surround, taking care not to scratch the acrylic.
  2. Then unscrew the fascia plate of the switch/socket, slide the surround diagonally over the plate and then screw the plate back into place. This then ensures the surround is held in place between the plate and the wall. Longer screws may be needed in some instances.
  3. Take care not to touch the wiring and ensure the switch/socket is turned off during fitting. If you are unsure, please consult a qualified electrician.
  1. To assemble the display case, first remove all the protective film from both sides of the pieces.
  2. Then lay out the pieces on a clean and smooth surface, acrylic is easily scratched so take care. The base piece is the short piece with 4 holes and two slots, the sides are the two long thin pieces with 4 holes and 2 slots, and the top is the short piece with one hole and two slots. The front and back pieces have different notches to match the holes in the sides, top and base. These need to be aligned correctly.
  3. Take the base piece and slot the two side pieces in, then slot the front and back panels in place. Place the console inside, and then slot the top piece into place, it should align with the notch in the panel.

Before you assemble your stand

  • Tiered Stands consist of your chosen shelf colour, along with two sides, a rear support and brace pieces. Make sure everything is intact before you begin assembling.
  • All parts will have protective film on both sides, except a Mirror Header. The film may be blue, white or clear. Remove all the film before continuing.

Assembling your stand

  1. To Assemble, lay down one of the side pieces and place all the brace pieces into the slots. The number of these will depend on the number of tiers that your stand has.
  2. Once all the brace pieces are in the slots, place the other side piece over the brace pieces, carefully placing the brace pieces into the slots one at a time until all the brace pieces are slotted in.
  3. Carefully pick up the stand and slowly rotate it so that the back corner is angled upwards. Now you can place the rear support into the slots on the back of the stand.
  4. Finally, carefully pick up the stand again and rotate it back around forward, slotting your coloured stands into the remaining slots. If you have a stand with a header slot this into the two remaining slots on the top of the stand.
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