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Bobo and Bob provides acrylic home accessories for every room. Including Coasters, Light Switch Surrounds and Display solutions. We offer over 60 colours for our products in various finishes. These finishes include Gloss, Satin, Frosted, Edge-Lit and more. Also, our ability to print on to the acrylic puts our products above the standard. Our printed products include Photo Frames, Coasters, Tea Light Holders and More. We offer a range of printed collections, these include designs such as Marble, Wood, Galaxy, Rainbow and Starry Sky effects. Products in these ranges span various categories such as coasters, mobile phone holders, light switch surrounds and more.

Bobo and Bob offer free UK delivery on all of our products, with an optional 1st Class service available. We also offer a click and collect service on selected products and a worldwide delivery service.

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