Time to go monochrome

“When it comes to redesigning a room, the first decision is usually, which colour?” This can be one of the most daunting tasks, because once you have chosen a colour, you have to match or coordinate. And usually, if the colour is specific, not every store will stock colours to match.

Having a monochrome room can bring a classic and clean feel to the area, also making the room look themed with minimal effort. Also great for those who are indecisive about decorating. For example, an all white kitchen, gives off a fresh, new look that is timeless and easy to achieve. Monochrome rooms are also ideal for those who love to decorate, items can be swapped and changed while matching the white room.

Our Colours

We offer over 30 different colours of acrylic, in various finishes. Meaning what ever colour you choose to decorate with, we can provide a match. Our acrylic can also be offered in a variety of finishes, including gloss, satin and frosted. These different textures can add some variety to a monochrome room and create some visual stimulation.

Our Collections

As well as our regular colour range, we have various collections of products with the same design. These include marble, rainbow, tortoise shell, galaxy and wood effects. Collections span over different products including coasters, light switch surrounds, mobile phone stands and more.

Going for a black and white theme? Our Marble Collection is a great match for this. Both Black and White Marble designs are used across the products. Products include Hexagon and Round Coasters, Matching Sets and Light Switch Surrounds.

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