How to fit a Spotlight Surround

How to fit a Spotlight Surround

How to fit a Spotlight Surround – Designed to be fitted between the light and the wall, these surrounds do not need adhesive backing or tapes. They can be easily removed when decorating or changed to match new colour schemes.

White Acrylic Spotlight Surround
  • The Downlight Surrounds can be fitted behind the spotlight, so will not damage the lights.
  • The spotlight surrounds come with protective film on both sides, this must be removed before fitting.
  • Simply remove the spotlight from the wall and slot the surround behind it. Then re-fit the light into the wall.
  • As these surrounds are trapped between the wall and the light, they are easy to change.

To clean these surrounds, a clean cloth and warm soapy water should be used. A lint-free or micro-fibre cloth should also be used to gently dust off any dirt. No harsh chemicals or bleach should be used as this can craze the material.

Spotlight Surrounds are a simple and easy way to fix unsightly decorating or plastering in your home. These easy to fit surrounds are available in a range of colours and sizes, including custom ones.

Need a custom surround?

Can’t find the size you are looking for? Request a custom size. In addition to our range of sizes, we can also offer a custom surround service. Simply fill out the form below or enquire via email and our team will get back to you with a quote. We manufacture all of our own products on site in the UK, so we can make our surrounds fit to your requirements.